Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

Developer(s):PES Productions|Distributor(s):Konami|Producer(s):Kei Masuda|
Series:Pro Evolution Soccer|Genre(s):Sports|Platform:PC|Publication Type:Full Version

Minimum Requirements :
CPU : Core 2 Duo 2.1GHz
GPU : Nvidia Geforce With 256 VRam Or ATi Equi
RAM : 2Gib
DX :10.1
New Features :
ProActive AI
Players are made especially to be recognized as well as the real players. Just like Zlatan Ibrahimovic who like to take a mid-air ball with his inside right foot towards the goal. Neymar also been re-engineered to reach real player similarities such as dribble with the ball between opponent's legs and take a sidestep before shooting.

Enhanced Goalkeeper
Goalkeepers also enhanced such as new moves on how to handle a one-on-one situation, a knuckle ball and powerful shots. To increase the tempo of the counterattack, the goalkeeper's throw has been added powerbars to increase the distance of the balls thrown.

Knuckleball freekicks

Knuckleball freekicks was already been available in the previous PES edition, but yet not been informed the commands. Press the shoot button and press it again when the freekick takers appearing his last step before shooting.

Full hand-control

PES had given players to make real win-win situation on controlling players. The full controls has upgraded and it has been more easier to control, jockey or wait other teammates as well making crazy skills and finishers.

Upgraded defence

The defence has been enhanced to make as in the formation when defending. Just when the defender win the ball, the defenders will run for midfield and make a perfect line for attacking just as same as in the lineups.

Narrow and wide flanks
The wings will follow the strategy for go near the sidelines, run to the middle or sometimes past between defenders in time to avoid an offside.
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