How To Use Any Unsupported Gamedpad In FIFA - Tutorial

  As you guys know that EA Sports licence some of the gamepad/jotstick company to use their gamepad/joystick in FIFA. So, it is very obvious that the other generic gamepads wont work rightly in FIFA.
A common problem is the right stick. Yes there several buttondatasetup.ini available in the network which do make the joystick run same as like Xbox or Logitech. But the problem is that those files are useless when you wanna play fifa multiplayer with a keyboard and a joystick simultanously because the keyboard wont work normal then or the joystick wont behave like normal to play the game.

  Now this tutorial by our website will make your joystick and keyboard both work simultanously.

Follow the steps below:
1.Install your generic joystick with the given drivers with that.
2.Download this file ::
3.Extract the files in FIFA 13/Game folder.
4.Now open x360ce.exe
5.Now from the lower drop down menu (presets) select any logitech joystick preset.
6.Press any random buttons or rotate the sticks to ensure that your generic gamepad is working same as that preset of logitech joystick.
7.Now click on save and you are ready to go with it.
8.Launch FIFA 13. If u have done all the steps correct then you will get a ping sound. If that ping sound does not appear there is something wrong with it.

If you guys face any problem then just let me know, comment below.
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