FIFA 14 Registry File For Cracked Version

FIFA 14 Registry File For Cracked Version

As you know that many programmers are working to improve FIFA 14 experience and they have already launched a lot of programs already like File Master 14, Database Master 14 etc.
Now, this tool automatically browse your FIFA 14 main folder if there is a registry file of FIFA 14,
but if u don't have it then you have to browse it manually.

How to make the registry file
It is a very easy process.
1.Right click on the desktop and make a new text document.
2.Copy the following in that text document.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"DisplayName"="FIFA 14"
"CD Drive"="D:\\\\"
"Product Name"="FIFA 14"
"Folder"="D:\\GAMES\\FIFA\\FIFA 14"
"Install Dir"="D:\\Program Files\\FIFA 14"
"Installed From"="D:\\\\"
"Patch URL"=""
"Product GUID"="{3FEA6CD1-EA13-4CE7-A74E-A74A4A0A7B5C}"
"Suppression Exe"=""
"Registration"="Software\\\\Electronic Arts\\\\EA Sports\\\\FIFA 14\\\\ergc"

"DisplayName"="FIFA 14"
"ProgramGroup"="F:\\GAMES\\FIFA\\FIFA 14"

4.Replace the BOLD line by your FIFA 14 main directory location.
[For an example if  you have installed FIFA 14 in C:\Program Files\FIFA 14 
then replace D:\\Program Files\\FIFA 14 as C:\\Program Files\\FIFA 14
Remember to give  \\  in place of  \  ]
5.Now save the text document as FIFA14.reg.
6.Now double click on FIFA14.reg and click yes.
Enjoy you are done..... :)

Love to hear what you think!

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