2012-13 UEFA CL FOR FIFA 10

A lot of people worked hard for this...so a BIG Thanx to each one of them !!!!

Kits: tese,DSC,fanCHELSEA,xtofher,Mert Celik,mogolos,makispla

Stadiums: elkaos19,Guima,Bohemio,eafh

Numbers: Adrioliv,MessiGol,makispla

Rosters: Kahn-Titan,makispla,ArshavaDM and all the editors that made their teams and leagues all these years

Minikits: makispla fm conversions many face creators and Rinaldo for the creation master


1.You need Creation Master 10 to install theis patch.

2.Open CM10-->Click on File-->Open FIFA 10-->After it opens fifa 10 then click on Patch-->Load.

3.Browse the cmp files for the UEFA Champions League [which are given below in the download link].

4.Install all the cmp files for this patch[given below in the download link].Save them before you exit cm10.

5.Thats it.Enjoy....

6.For more query GO HERE

**You have to install all the patch files given below in the download link.

Download Links:

or torrent:

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