FIFA 14 ModdingWay Mod v. 0.5

FIFA 14 ModdingWay Mod v. 0.5

One of the best patches which will fully update all the graphics in FIFA 14! In addition to all the high-quality stuff inside the patch, there are three great things:

1. Patch is fully compatible with Online mode
2. Patch has an easy automatic installation
3. Patch can be easily removed

Main features of the patch:
* Databases
a) Default Database : is the original FIFA 14 Database. If you play online and update the rosters through EA official updates this is one of the database options for your FIFA 14.

b) Default Database Improved : is the original FIFA 14 Database but with details for new licensed kits ( National teams, Liga Zon Sagres, etc ) It works online and with previous career mode started with default database. It will also allow to enjoy you new tournaments when added to career mode.

c) Database 2.0
- Rosters according to latest EA official update.
- No new teams.
- Kits, Boots and Balls unlocked.

* Kits
- All National Teams Kits Missing
- Portugal : Belenenses, Arouca, Gil Vicente,MarĂ­timo

* Licensed logos for all National Teams
* Licensed logos and real team names for Liga and Serie B teams
* Licensed logos and real names for all tournamets

* Tournaments Mode. New tournaments added
- UEFA Champions League
- FIFA World Cup
- FIFA Confederations Cup
- Euro
- Copa America
- Copa Libertadores

* Added Balls
- UEFA Champions League
- UEFA Europa League
- Copa Libertadores
- Serie A
- Serie B

* Added Adboards
- International Tournaments
- Serie A
- Ligue 1
- English Premier League
- Real Madrid
- Barcelona

* Stadium Boards for International Tournaments
* Scoreboards
* Tattos Pack
* New Boots replacing EA Sports TM ones
* New gloves replacing EA Sports TM ones
* Replay logos

* ModdingWay Selector
* Revolution Mod FIFA 14

1. STEP 1:
a) Unpack this rar in your FIFA 14 main folder. Overwrite files that it asks you to do.
b) Run file ModdingWayInstaller.exe from your FIFA 14 main folder ( Run as administrator )

2. STEP 2:
a) Go to your FIFA 14 / Game / Data folder.
b) Rename loc folder to loc-original
c) Rename loc-licensed to loc
d) Enjoy!


Love to hear what you think!

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