ModdingWay Mod Update

ModdingWay Mod Update

FIFA 14 ModdingWay Mod UPDATE 3.9.0 Released!

ModdingWay Mod Upgrade to v. 3.9.0
Download This :: DOWNLOAD UPTO 3.8.1

To apply these updates you will need to install ModdingWay Mod v. 3.0.0 All in One.

In addition to all the high-quality stuff inside the patch, there are three great things:

1. Patch is fully compatible with Online mode
2. Patch has an easy automatic installation
3. Patch can be easily removed

1. STEP 1:
a) Unpack this rar in your FIFA 14 main folder. Overwrite files that it asks you to do.
b) Run file ModdingWayInstaller.exe from your FIFA 14 main folder ( Run as administrator )
[In the above way first install v. 3.0.0 all in one, then 3.8.1 then 3.9.0]

2. STEP 2:
a) Go to your FIFA 14 / Game / Data folder.
b) Rename loc folder to loc-original
c) Rename loc-licensed to loc
d) Enjoy!
For Video Tutorial VISIT ::

::How to play with new Rosters::
1.go to FIFA 14 main folder.

2.Open FIFA 14 MWM selector 
3.In Extra Option, Select Database 7, then apply database.


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