FIFA 14 With Fifaxtreme Patch Torrent Download

FIFA 14 With Fifaxtreme Patch Torrent Download

As I have received a lot of reports regarding my patch, I have decided to upload my full FIFA 14 so that there will be no issue while playing as I am not facing that kind of issues.

1.FIFA 15 database + All local db.
2.FIFA 15 theme [ Intro video + theme (Created by::harshraman )].
3.All new crests, logo, kits, minikits, shoes, gkgloves of FIFA 15.
4.FIFA 15 dlc files which will provide new updated style of career as a manager or as a player [ like player retirement will be more realistic, licensed league realistic schedule etc.]
5.Turkish league is now playable in career mode.
6.New "WE ARE FIFA 15" adboards.
7.FIFA 15 new gameplay added.
8.New Game Hub like FIFA 15.
9.All new EA music tracks are playable now.
10.Added new transfers as OFFICIAL FIFA 15 squad update.
11.Added new mowings textures and 2 new goal nets.
12.All faces are converted from fifa 15.
13.Added new transfers as OFFCIAL FIFA 15 squad update (After Winter Transfer Window).
14.Added tool for database backup and online play.
15.New stadiums of FIFA 15 ( Without goalposts ).

Just play it from FIFA 14xtreme/Game/fifa14-3dm.exe


Love to hear what you think!

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