Hi everyone!! It's been few days after the release of FIFA 17 demo. The game looks promising with the new Frostbite Engine. In game view of the player faces are awesome this year. The brand new story mode is giving this title of FIFA a new essence. 

The game's internal file structure is also changed which will give the developers another chance to show their skills once again.

I have installed the demo and playing for last two days. I have faced some technical problems while tried to play for the first time.
a. MOST ANNOYING PROBLEM - The game was not getting into full screen mode. This was really frustrating. A windowed mode FIFA cannot give you that experience like it gives in FULLSCREEN mode!! 
FIX: Use Borderless-Gaming tool. Install and start the tool, then start the game. This tool will automatically detect the game. Then select FIFA 17 Demo and click the third button in the middle.

b. Game Lag – At first the game was lagging too much. I thought this won’t be my year to play the game and was about to cancel my order. I tried different settings in game but still was not working. Then I saw may display’s refresh rate was set to 40hz :3.  Setting the refresh rate to 60Hz fixed the problem. I would suggest you to use the following settings as shown in the SS below:
Use your resolution and if are having problem with fps then lock it to 30.

And this year we will also give away FUT players as well. Stay tuned with FIFAXTREME and for all latest news please visit our FB page.

Love to hear what you think!

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